Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship and SOLO taxonomy: Superclubsplus and Powerful Learning at Newmarket School.==

Dr Wendy Kofoed

Wendy is the principal of Newmarket Primary School in Auckland (SustainED ictpd Cluster).
Newmarket Primary School is a NetSafe pilot school for Superclubsplus.

Sonya Van Schaijik

Sonya is an experienced teacher and ICT Lead Teacher at Newmarket Primary School.
She has a Super Teacher Award from Superclubsplus and is training as a Superclubsplus Cybersafety online mediator.
SOLO Taxonomy is the learning theory that has influenced Newmarket School because it allows us to clearly identify where we are with our teaching and learning. Superclubsplus is a safe, social networking site for primary children. As part of our pedagogical approach we use SOLO Taxonomy, Hooked on Thinking maps and rubrics and Superclubsplus because they allow us to practise how to learn and live well in online environments. Participants at this workshop will learn how and why we use SOLO Taxonomy HOT maps and rubrics to implement the New Zealand curriculum and how Superclubsplus has changed our online practice.